Our Diamonds

It's all too easy to get caught up in the technical world of diamond grading and miss the critical point. The true beauty of a diamond can only be revealed when light moves through a diamond in such a way as to make it sparkle. It is this beautiful and incredible phenomenon that has had people mesmerised for hundreds of years. The ability of a diamond cutter to unlock the ultimate sparkle is achieved only by the worlds greatest cutting masters.

When light strikes a diamond it can either reflect from the polished surface or transmit into the stone. There light rays may be reflected many times within the diamond before finally exiting. It is this passage of light that reveals a diamonds true beauty. Only the finest cut diamonds can deliver such a beautiful combination of brilliance and fire resulting in a sparkle that can only be described as breathtaking. Or in a word...WOW!

TREWARNE Diamonds are generally brighter and more exciting than other diamonds. Diamonds that can only be described as exceptional and attain the the standards that the Trewarne family has upheld for four generations.