Diamonds on the Soles of their Hooves

For thousands of years the Caribou of north Canada have migrated over the Arctic tundra, unaware that a fortune in diamonds lay under the ground beneath them.


Trewarne specialise in premium cut diamonds. Diamonds that are cut using the latest engineering technology maximising sparkle and performance, as opposed to the majority of the world’s diamonds that are cut to minimise the waste from the original crystal and therefore leak light and lack sparkle.

When looking for a new partner to supply us with fancycut diamonds we choose the diamonds from the Diavik mine in Canada. Located in the arctic circle in the northern territories of Canada, and owned by the Australian mining firm Rio Tinto, the Diavik mine produces some of the finest diamond crystals on earth–setting new standards in eco-friendly mining practices.

We can trace the diamonds from mine to store, thereby assuring true provenance of their diamonds.

The mine is located in one of the most interesting yet inhospitable places on earth. Access to the mine is via an ‘ice road’. and this lifeline is open and operational for only 10 weeks a year, during the coldest months, when it is frozen enough to withstand transportation of materials, machinery and necessary fuel.

The actual mine is located under a lake so In keeping with the green mining practices, the lake was drained and relocated without the loss of any fish species. The local Caribou, which are also an essential part of the aboriginal culture, are fiercely protected and environmental practices ensure that their spring and autumn migrations continue without obstacle. At its closure, (projected 2025), the mined areas will be transformed into fish habitat and the entire site returned to its original natural state.

These diamonds, rare. ‘Knot free crystals’–as they are known in the trade–represent less than 1% of all the diamond crystals mined worldwide. It is only from these crystals that perfectly proportioned and symmetrical diamonds can be cut as the cutter isn’t limited in any way in
achieving absolute perfection.

Firstly, highly skilled diamantaires, skilled artisans with generational knowledge of how to ‘read’ each diamond, understand how to best cut and polish the rough to achieve the greatest number of carats and the most brilliance. This rough is then sent around the world to the finest diamond cutters to be processed into beautiful polished diamonds. Sensational Princess-cuts, Ovals, Marquise, Cushion and Emerald-cut diamonds are then distributed to a select few retail outlets worldwide. We are privileged to be one of those outlets.

It’s hard to convey just how rare these diamonds are. For years it has been very difficult for us to find fancy-cut diamonds that attain the standards we look for in a cut. In Diavik we have another supplier to add to our tiny list but very little stock is available. As only, the finest crystals are used and only the best international cutters are employed, the supply of these perfect diamonds can only be described as a trickle. But for those lucky few who may get to own one, it will be a much coveted treasure.

It is said that these diamonds, formed under the luminous Northern Lights, are infused with the mystery as well as the brilliance of that light. Once they are set in our beautifully designed jewellery their legacy, infused with the Northern Aurora, continues forever.